Facilitator: Greg Pankhurst, President QLEA

Take Home Points - Indonesia

🔅Daily weight gain in Indonesian feedlots used to average 0.9kg/day in the 90s and has grown to average up to 2.0kg/day. This is credited to the producers and their efforts to breed livestock with higher weight gains. Also credited to the efforts of feedlots and their feeding regimes.

🔅Indonesia consumers are wanting quality cattle & beef. Majority of the population is on Muslim religion and preference fresh slaughter.

🔅Indian Buffalo Meat (IBM) does hold a place in the Indonesian market and is stabilised. However will not replace the demand for quality Australian beef.

🔅IBM (frozen & boxed) has been imported into Indonesia for over 2 years. Approx. 150,000tonne.

🔅There will always be external threats and competition within the market, however the point of difference with Australian beef/cattle is the reliable, consistent flow of livestock from abattoirs.

🔅Indonesia’s animal heard is very important to them. Many parts of the country are self sufficient in beef. Australian imports compliment Indonesians own herd.

🔅Indonesians consume 2.4kg/per person/per year. It is estimated if this increases to 3kg, an extra 500,000 head will be required to meet this demand.

🔅Recent legislation requires Indonesia feedlots to hold 5% of feeder/breeder heifers within their facilities to hold a licence. Opportunity here for feeder heifer exports.


Tim Ryan, Meat & Livestock Australia

Current Position & Future Outlook

🔅Australia’s herd numbers are liquidating. Comparable to liquidating numbers of beef slump.

🔅Liquidating herd numbers will provide challenges in the future to recover and rebuild from the drought.

🔅Export numbers up-ticking for 2019. Projecting we will be unable to maintain such high volumes in the coming years due to recovering & rebuilding. There will still be enough livestock to please markets.

🔅Once heard numbers recovered, it is predicted Australia will continue to grow with volumes of export.

Market Consumers

🔅Significant growth rate of consumption (tonnage/beef) across Asian.

🔅Majority beef consumption coming from

Asian and is expected to continue to grow.

🔅Consumer Preferences: Indonesia Consumers put preference on beef that is 1. Halal, 2. Fresh & 3. Safe. Vietnam consumers preference 1. Safe 2. Pack Size 3. Fresh.

African Swine Fever (ASF)

🔅20-40% of Chinas pork supply has been affected. ASF has spread across Asia.

🔅Will have huge impact on beef markets, specifically the demand for protein in China. There has already been significant groan to the meat imports in China.



Facilitators: Stacey Wordsworth, Rural Press Club. & AUSTREX Staff. 

Key Messages

🔅ESCAS enables Australian animals to be followed through the whole supply chain process and ensure welfare standards are upheld.

🔅The process enables the Live Export supply chain to identify and address challenges, with the focus on continuous improvement.

🔅Reporting is a key tool used to ensure transparency within the industry. Also enables control and traceability with livestock.



Dr Melissa McEwen, Principal Regulatory Officer, Live Animal Exports

Key Points

🔅Reviews (McCarthy, Moss, ASRA & ASEL) have pointed a need for change within the export industry.

🔅Regulators need to uphold their legitimacy to the public by being transparent and regulating areas of public concern. If Regulators are viewed as illegitimate to the public, the Live Export Industry also is viewed as less transparent/legitimate.

🔅Animal welfare is at the centre of regulation. (As it is the highest of public concern).

🔅Ultimately, Regulators wish to work together to create a stronger and sustainable industry. They are not trying to obstruct the industry but instead ensure standards are upheld and the industry remains accountable for its actions. Therefore appropriate regulation is required.



Jason Clarke, Minds At Work

A great presentation by Jason discussing Change & Innovation. It’s very hard to summarise his entertaining and informative session, so we will leave you with a few key quotes to start your day.

🔅Embrace Change - “Don’t be afraid that something is changing.”

🔅”Make things better by making things different.” You can’t improve a process without changing something you already do.

🔅”Better is always different, but different is not always better”.

🔅”No one has ever invented something perfect on the first go” - Consider WD40.... it took 39 trials to get there.

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