Latest Property Assessment for Northern Queensland

Roger Hill, Herron Todd White
QCL: 16 May 2018

Basalts north of Hughenden
Great season. Steady with good inquiry at present. 9 to 11 o'clock. Listings are infrequent in this area. Established sale rate range is from $119/ha ($48/acre) (mixed basalt and forest grazing country) to $345/ha ($140/acre) for good basalts. Market eyes are on the offering of Fairlight with good market interest.

Richmond forest
Good rain. Close to Richmond - good demand. Slower market towards Croydon. 9 to 11 o'clock. Last sales were a mix of forest, and broken downs country at a range from $227/ha ($92/acre) improved to $276/ha to ($112/acre). Listings are infrequent in this area and local demand is strong.

Georgetown, Croydon and Normanton forests
Late season. Substantial recent rain in areas. Few listings. 7 to 9 o'clock. Lighter, sandier Croydon forest ranging from $41/ha ($16.50/acre) bare improved to $215/ha ($87/acre) bare improved for a mix of basalts, granites and frontage country in good condition.

Reliable rainfall area. Market interest in this area increases when southern areas are dry. Demand was strong prior to the recent sell off of cattle and the recent rain events. Demand in the eastern area may stay firm as a spill over of demand from the Burdekin Valley short supply.

Richmond/Julia Creek northern downs triangle
Initially dry, patchy recent rain has been of benefit. Golden triangle. Strong demand. 11 to 12 o'clock. $308/ha ($125/acre) to $326/ha ($132/acre) to a peak of $494/ha ($200/acre) bare. Reliable rainfall. Tightly held golden triangle type market area where market listings are rare. Sales are generally privately negotiated.

Downs south of the Hughenden/Cloncurry Tick line
Late season with patchy recent rain. Has been a low volume market area. 7 to 10 o’clock. $172/ha ($70/acre) to $308/ha ($125/acre) with a peak at $331/ha ($134/acre) bare improved

Has been a thinly traded market area. Stable pricing for some years now. Market has priced in the seasonal risk and soil type variations at a discount to the area north of the line since 2009. During the boom the market priced this area up near and equal to the country to the north of the line. However, the market rates rationalised quickly after the peak. There will be some good country come onto the market in the next month prior to the northern weaning muster. Expect some good sales activity for grassed country.

Initially very dry with good recent rain in north. Tightly held market area where market listings are infrequent. Local and investment grade interest in possible opportunities is strong. 9 to 12 o'clock.

Late and wet. Lack of property listings. 10 to 12 o'clock. Good quality red mineralised country breeds low cost sappy weaners. Broken black soils in the north and north east are complementary. Sales are generally privately negotiated. Local demand is high.

Late and patchy, Good channel flows. Lack of property listings. 7 to 10 o’clock. $38/ha ($15/acre) to $106/ha ($42/acre) bare improved. Overlooked market area, top of the salad bowl.

Burdekin Valley - Belyando, Charters Towers, Pentland, Greenvale to Einasleigh and Mount Garnet
Initially dry, patchy recent rain. Good recent rain. Lack of property listings. Liquidity is expected to increase throughout the year. 10 to 12 o'clock. South of Charters Towers - $165/ha ($66/acre) to $470/ha ($190/acre) bare improved. North of Charters Towers -$51/ha ($20/acre) (Granite type eucalypt forest country), $186/ha ($75/acre) (mixed average type basalt and some granite forest), to $374/ha ($151/acre) (good open basalt).

There have been few sales since a spate to the south of Charters Towers in 2015, including a steady volume of sales on the basalt to the north of Charters Towers. Positive increases are being talked about once the defence acquisitions occur.

Desert Uplands
Late, patchy. Good falls in areas. Thinly traded market area. 8 to 10 o’clock. $73/ha ($29/acre) to $96/ha ($38/acre) for desert type forest and up to $338/ha ($136/acre) bare improved occurred in the Prairie area with broken black soils mixed with the forest).

Quiet market area that is often overlooked, yet provides a low operating cost enterprise option with better productivity on the broken country types and creek systems.

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