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charters towers cattle Sale - wed 21st February 2017

Yarding:  2341 Head.

Charters Towers Combined Selling Agents yarded 2,341 cattle this week, an increase of 44 head on last sale featuring continued lines of well finished good quality cows and bullocks, accompanied by some lines of western cattle showing the signs of the continuing dry season. With recent isolated storms across the northern region and the forecast of further isolated storms, there was cautious optimism among the buying gallery consisting of all regular processors for the first time this year, underpinning a firm to small increase in values for the heavier prime cattle, but more importantly creating competition throughout the offering. One regular feeder buyer and a small number of restockers were active on better quality lines, with lighter steers and heifers increasing by up to 20c for better types, while heavier types were generally 6c to 9c/kg lower. Cattle were drawn from Julia Creek, McKinlay, Richmond, Georgetown, Prairie, local and coastal areas.

Some very good quality large lines of vealer steers were on offer, lines attracting strong restocker interest, selling to 304c, with the improved quality averaging 297c, up 35c/kg on last sale. Lighter, newly weaned types sold to 306c/kg and some very light steer calves sold at $350/head. Yearling steers met mixed demand, influenced by quality with lighter steers returning to grass increasing by 21c, topping at 266c, with better grown 280-330kg steers selling to 286c to average 277c/kg and similar weight steers to feed of more variable quality sold to 210c to average 201c/kg. Vealer heifers were mostly newly weaned types and of good quality with one large line less than 200kg returning to grass for 237c/kg. Heifers 200-280kg sold to 278c for heavier types with most sales 238-242c/kg. Yearling heifers were very mixed in quality and weight, with the limited demand reflecting in significantly lower values for much of the offering. Heifers 220-280kg to feed sold to 220c to average 219c, while 280-330kg heifers also sold to 220c and heifers above 330kg to feed sold to 245c/kg.

A continued offering of well finished heavy bullocks sold up to 8c higher than last week, with best 3 and 4 score bullocks to slaughter reaching 255c to average 253c/kg. Plainer 2 score bullocks to slaughter sold to 244c, with a small number to feed reaching 234c/kg. Heavy grown steers to slaughter reached 258c and lighter types to feed sold to 231c to average 215c/kg with quality influencing prices. A large offering of well finished heavy 3 score cows to slaughter sold to 219c for those over 520kg, and 218c for 400-520kg cows, up 1c, to average 208c/kg. Heavy C muscled 2 score sold to 206c to average 200c/kg. Heavy 3 score D muscled cows sold to 212c to average 207c, while 2 score heavy cows sold to 203c to average 186c/kg. A large number of lighter 1 score cows to a southern restocker sold to 165c to average 142c/kg. Heavy grown heifers to slaughter sold to 232c, while restockers secured smaller framed, lighter conditioned heifers to 191c, averaging 174c/kg.

A small number of heavy bulls to slaughter sold to 226c, with sound types to feed or background destined for live export topping at 252c, while similar medium weight bulls sold to 259c/kg. Young males returning to paddocks sold to 270c to average 241c/kg. A large number of small framed, light western cows and calves sold for $530, while large frame cows and calves topped at $1,020/unit.

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