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charters towers cattle Sale - wed 20th september 2017

Yarding: 2,047 Head.

Numbers lifted by 430 head to 2,047 cattle for Charters Towers Combined Selling Agents this week, with fewer numbers of prime bullocks on offer, and prime cows of mixed quality, however two large lines of vealer and yearling steer attracted strong attention from a large buyer gallery. All processors were in attendance, with one previously absent very active in the market for slaughter cattle, while two live exporters, regular feeder buyers and central restockers ensured strong competition throughout the offering. Cattle were drawn from Burketown, Richmond, Mt Garnet, Einasleigh, Ingham, Woodstock, Ravenswood, Belyando, local and coastal areas.

Vealer steer numbers increased substantially and were of very good quality, which also featured one large line, displaying very good quality and condition, selling to 323c averaging 311c to restockers, while live exporters secured feeder weight types to 308c/kg. Yearling steers also met spirited bidding from the gallery, selling to 322c for those returning to grass, while those to feed sold to 316c to average 310c/kg. Live exporters were very active throughout, securing lines to 308c averaging 306c for lighter feeders and 288c/kg for heavier feeder steers. Vealer heifers met mixed demand for a generally good quality offering of smaller lines selling 7c to 10c higher on last sale, with live exporters securing heavier types to 268c, while larger framed types with condition to feed sold to 266c/kg. Younger, lighter heifers returning to grass sold to 256c/kg. Yearling heifers were in greater supply and sold 10c to 14c higher on last sale with feeder weight heifers to live export sold to 258c multiple times, with restockers securing similar weight lines to 254c to average 252c/kg. Bullock numbers were greatly reduced from recent weeks and the mixed offering met subdued demand easing 10c to 15c, primarily influenced by quality with the few heavy bullocks to slaughter selling to 240c/kg. Lighter conditioned types to feed sold to 250c, while a small number of grown steers to feed reached 240c/kg.

Grown heifers to live export sold to 250c, with a small number to slaughter making 244c/kg. Heavy grown steers to live export sold to 260c, with feeder weight steers selling to 306c averaging 266c/kg. A mixed offering of cows eased 3c to 10c on last sale with best heavy 4 score cows to slaughter making 209c, while 3 score cows sold to 199c easing 10c on last sale, heavy 2 score types sold to 195c averaging firm on last sale of 185c/kg. Lighter 2 score cows sold to slaughter sold to 180c, averaging 164c, while cows to restockers of varying quality sold to 192c/kg. Some good lines of bulls sold sporadically, with heavy bulls to slaughter increasing by 7c to average 222c and topping at 229c, while bulls to live export sold to 237c, with most making 232c/kg. Feeder weight bulls destined for live exports made 300c multiple times, with feeder weight lines to feed, destined for live export selling to 310c, to average

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