128 Honey Coloured Composite X Brahman Heifers - A Plus 9/4/21

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Listing Added Wed - 07 Apr 2021
Listing agent
Luke Westaway (13)
Mobile Number: 0413 408 953
Office Number: (07) 47 413 085
Email: lu..........show

Agent Comments

HONEY COLOUR CROSSBRED, RE-STOCKER or BACKGROUNDING HEIFERS. JOINED TO COMPOSITE BULLS FOR 2 MONTHS. Joined since the 1st of February 2021 to Composite bulls. Heifer breed include Brangus, Senepol & Brahman cross. Drafted into a Honey colour line. Heifers are joined to AJM Charbray, Senepol, Brangus Brahman composite  bulls. Soft, mainly flatback heifers that will produce progeny suitable for most markets. Majority medium frame with capacity to grow into 220kg+ carcase dressed mature cows. Heifers are branded 2019, however are second round 2019 weaned. Majority are born April to October 2019, therefore rising Avg 16-24 mth. Temperament is generally good both in & out of yards. Drafted into 4 deck line. Majority are flat back with under 20% displaying minimal undefined hump. Generally good quality line of long term future breeders or backgrounding. 13% of 30 head sampled where PTIC 1-2 months.

Listing details

No. of Head 128
Breed Composite
Stock Type Heifers
Av. Weight (kg) 300
Weight Range (kg) 236-383
Price Type Per head
Auction+ date Fri - 09 Apr 2021
Delivery Method Clear of the dip Julia Creek
Age in Months 16-24
Horn Status: Horned 5%
Horn Status: Tipped 5%
Horn Status: Polled 50%
Horn Status: Dehorned 40%
Pregnancy Status Chance Mated
Movement Restriction Ticky
Condition Store
HGP Treated No


Listing Information

Advert ID: 21098
Displayed: 209
Expires: Thu - 07 Apr 2022


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