102 Brah X steers 220 kg Auctions plus 14/1/22

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Price: $ 7.70 ex. GST

Listing Added Thu - 13 Jan 2022
Listing agent
Luke Westaway (14)
Mobile Number: 0413 408 953
Office Number: (07) 47 413 085
Email: lu..........show

Agent Comments

A predominantly Brahman line of number 1 steers. 100% display full to small hump. WEIGHED INTO A GROUP OF 180 KGTO 250KG. Sale only due to de-stocking with seasonal conditions. Colour 32% grey, 21% honey, 7% brown/brindle/other,
40% red. Steers are generally quiet to handle. Line of bought and vendor bred steers of similar quality. Approximately 10%
tail end in quality in this mob of some lighter bone and frame. Suitable for back grounding or finishing. NO HGP. Sound
bone and structure. $900 will be deducted from sale gross value to compensate for freight component or other cull type

(water bag scrotum) cattle may be considered by negotiation to fill trucks if desired. Some display minor fly bite 

Listing details

No. of Head 102
Breed Brahman
Stock Type Steers
Av. Weight (kg) 220
Weight Range (kg) 180-245
Price Type Per head
Auction+ date Fri - 14 Jan 2022
Delivery Method On property 90 km south of Hughenden
Dentation 0
Age in Months 14
Horn Status: Horned 10%
Horn Status: Tipped 10%
Horn Status: Dehorned 80%
Pregnancy Status N/A
Movement Restriction clean
Condition Store
HGP Treated No




Listing Information

Advert ID: 21263
Displayed: 182
Expires: Fri - 13 Jan 2023


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