charters towers cattle Sale - wed 20th september 2017

Yarding: 2,047 Head.

Numbers lifted by 430 head to 2,047 cattle for Charters Towers Combined Selling Agents this week, with fewer numbers of prime bullocks on offer, and prime cows of mixed quality, however two large lines of vealer and yearling steer attracted strong attention from a large buyer gallery. All processors were in attendance, with one previously absent very active in the market for slaughter cattle, while two live exporters, regular feeder buyers and central restockers ensured strong competition throughout the offering. Cattle were drawn from Burketown, Richmond, Mt Garnet, Einasleigh, Ingham, Woodstock, Ravenswood, Belyando, local and coastal areas.

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charters towers cattle sale - Wed 20th september 2017


53 OX 
39 Heifers
286 Cows
30 Bulls
411 Prime Cattle

1353 Steers
242 Heifers
0 Store Cows
9 Cows & Calves
1604 Store Cattle

For your marketing needs, please contact Luke, Ashley or James.

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NEW Live Export Order

Delivered: CLONCURRY
Dates: 20th September 2017

Brahman Feeder Steers 270 - 380kgs to avg under 350kg - $3.00/kg
Brahman Feeder Heifers 270 - 380kg to avg under 350kg - $2.70/kg

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Bovine Johne’s Disease Management in the Northern Territory

Following national deregulation and commencing July 1, 2017, the Northern Territory will be transitioning from the interim BJD management position of JBAS 7 to JBAS 6 for entry of cattle.

The Northern Territory Cattlemen’s Association (NTCA) has consulted comprehensively with both NTCA members, which represent over 90% of the NT cattle herd, NT Department of Primary Industries and Resources (DPIR) staff and other stakeholders, to develop an informed and comprehensive industry position for the ongoing management of Bovine Johne’s Disease (BJD).

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