Charters Towers Cattle Sale RESULTS


Yarding: 1,274 head

Numbers eased by 48 head to 1,274 cattle in Charters Towers, with increased numbers of plainer conditioned lines, reflecting the lengthening dry season. All regular processors were in attendance and operating strongly throughout, particularly for lower yielding lines suitable for slaughter, supported by one feeder buyer, one live exporter and opportunity restockers and backgrounders. Cattle were drawn from Hughenden, Greenvale, Burdekin, local and coastal areas.

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Facilitator: Greg Pankhurst, President QLEA

Take Home Points - Indonesia

đź”…Daily weight gain in Indonesian feedlots used to average 0.9kg/day in the 90s and has grown to average up to 2.0kg/day. This is credited to the producers and their efforts to breed livestock with higher weight gains. Also credited to the efforts of feedlots and their feeding regimes.

đź”…Indonesia consumers are wanting quality cattle & beef. Majority of the population is on Muslim religion and preference fresh slaughter.

đź”…Indian Buffalo Meat (IBM) does hold a place in the Indonesian market and is stabilised. However will not replace the demand for quality Australian beef.

đź”…IBM (frozen & boxed) has been imported into Indonesia for over 2 years. Approx. 150,000tonne.

đź”…There will always be external threats and competition within the market, however the point of difference with Australian beef/cattle is the reliable, consistent flow of livestock from abattoirs.

🔅Indonesia’s animal heard is very important to them. Many parts of the country are self sufficient in beef. Australian imports compliment Indonesians own herd.

đź”…Indonesians consume 2.4kg/per person/per year. It is estimated if this increases to 3kg, an extra 500,000 head will be required to meet this demand.

đź”…Recent legislation requires Indonesia feedlots to hold 5% of feeder/breeder heifers within their facilities to hold a licence. Opportunity here for feeder heifer exports.

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