Charters Towers Cattle Sale - Wednesday 20th June 2018

Yarding: 1,297 head.

A slightly smaller yarding of 1,297 cattle were drawn by Charters Towers Combined Selling Agents this week. The yarding attracted several small lines of prime cows and northern mixed lines, supported by some very good lines of vealer steers and heifers. One processor continued their absence, with all others operating, supported by two live exporters, regular feeder buyers and some opportunity restockers. Cattle were drawn from Mt Isa, Croydon, Belyando, Ingham, local and coastal areas.

Vealer steers sold to mixed demand from a subdued buying panel. Light steer calves sold to 282c and light vealers topped at 272c, to average 258c, while heavier types returned to grass sold to 246c/kg. Small lines of yearling steers were very mixed, with those above 280kg selling to 228c, an increase of 12c, and medium weight feeder steers above 330kg lifted 15c, to average 230c/kg. Similar weight steers meeting live export specifications sold to 246c/kg. A mixed quality offering of vealer heifers sold stronger for the better grown heavier types, lifting 15c to top at 210c, with light vealer heifers 14c easier, to average 200c/kg. A very good line of yearling heifers above 330kg to feed sold to 229c, averaging 214c, with similar types to restockers making to 224c/kg.

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New Live Export Order

Delivered: Mount Isa/Cloncurry
Dates: 27-29th June 2018

High quality Brahman cattle
Feeder Steers / Bulls 270-380kg average under 350kg - $2.40/kg
Med Steers 370 - 420kg (limited space)- $2.35/kg
Feeder Heifers 270 - 370kg average under 350kg - $2.15/kg

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New Live Export Order

Delivered: Mount Isa
Dates: 20-28th June 2018
Brahman Heifers 280-360kg - $2.10/kg
Brahman Steers 280-360kg - $2.40/kg
Brahman Steers 360-430kg - $2.40/kg
Cattle to have an NLIS Tag and comply with ASEL 2.3 standards

To book your cattle, please contact Luke, James or Ashley.

Latest Property Assessment for Northern Queensland

Roger Hill, Herron Todd White
QCL: 16 May 2018

Basalts north of Hughenden
Great season. Steady with good inquiry at present. 9 to 11 o'clock. Listings are infrequent in this area. Established sale rate range is from $119/ha ($48/acre) (mixed basalt and forest grazing country) to $345/ha ($140/acre) for good basalts. Market eyes are on the offering of Fairlight with good market interest.

Richmond forest
Good rain. Close to Richmond - good demand. Slower market towards Croydon. 9 to 11 o'clock. Last sales were a mix of forest, and broken downs country at a range from $227/ha ($92/acre) improved to $276/ha to ($112/acre). Listings are infrequent in this area and local demand is strong.

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