31 cows and calves, Auctions plus 15/10/21

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Listing Added Wed - 13 Oct 2021
Listing agent
Luke Westaway (4)
Mobile Number: 0413 408 953
Office Number: (07) 47 413 085
Email: lu..........show

Agent Comments

ATTENTION BREEDERS &TRADERS.... A very good quality group of large frame, soft cows & flatback calves. The mob display excellent temperament in both cows & progeny. 9hd preg tested in calf by vet is a testament to fertility as it appears they have re-conceived on the first cycle after calving. 100% Vendor bred line are over 40 years of vendor focusing on producing bullocks & fertility in cows with quiet temperament. Cows & calves are well muscled with strong bone, length & conformation.  Colour of cows 51% red, 19% creamy, 9% grey, 11% honey & 7% brindle 3% black. The cows are milking well with calves being 112kg avg & growing fast. Calves are very good quality for breeding on or trading. Calves include 60% Charolais, 40% Santa with 80% polled. 2 brands in lot. A sample of cows mouthed were worn & some broken, but not affecting condition. Two Cows have 1/4 of udder unsound, but will rear calves & 2 cows have long toes or flybite. Units are well suited to breed, fatten or split!

Listing details

No. of Head 31
Breed Charbray X
Stock Type Cows & Calves
Av. Weight (kg) 550
Weight Range (kg) 450-650
Price Type Per head
Auction+ date Fri - 15 Oct 2021
Delivery Method On property
Dentation 8
Age In Years 9-18
Horn Status: Horned 5%
Horn Status: Polled 25%
Horn Status: Dehorned 70%
Pregnancy Status Re-joined
Movement Restriction Ticky
Condition Forward Store
HGP Treated No


Colinton, QLD

Listing Information

Advert ID: 21212
Displayed: 215
Expires: Thu - 13 Oct 2022


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