600 Composite X & Brahman PTIC heifer, in B Double to 4dk lots

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Listing Added Tue - 15 Sep 2020
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Luke Westaway (20)
Mobile Number: 0413 408 953
Fax Number: (07) 47 413 084
Office Number: (07) 47 413 085
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Agent Comments

Composite Cross & Brahman heifers , Preg tested in calf heifers.

Joined to black composite flatback Bulls.
Offered in B Double lines and four deck lines of colours. PTIC from 2 - 7 months pregnant.  All 18 to 30 months. Suitable for restocker Breeders. 


AJM Pastoral will once again offer these heifers as part of their annual marketing plan. The large offering will be separated into smaller lines, intending to offer groups of Brangus, Charbray, Composite and Brahman PTIC Heifers ‘Under 5 Months’ and ‘Over 6 Months’ market


AJM Composite’s have been bred for over 35 years. The majority of Heifers on offer are vendor bred by AJM Pastoral, as a composite line of Angus, Charolais, Senepol and Brahman Heifer. The Heifers are tropical adapted to North Queensland, with the benfit of being suited to South markets as well. The genetics of AJM composites in feedlots are showing rates of excellent performance and realising premium prices. The composite genetics are based on years of EBV selection, with primary focus on 600 day growth, high fertility in days to calving and tropical adaption.

Listing details

No. of Head 600
Breed Composite
Stock Type Heifers
Av. Weight (kg) 340
Weight Range (kg) 290-400
Price Type Per head
Auction+ date Fri - 25 Sep 2020
Delivery Method On property Richmond
Dentation 0-4
Age In Years 2
Horn Status: Horned 10%
Horn Status: Tipped 10%
Horn Status: Polled 20%
Horn Status: Dehorned 60%
Pregnancy Status Preg Tested in Calf (PTIC)
Movement Restriction Free to travel all areas of QLd
Condition Forward Store
HGP Treated No



Listing Information

Advert ID: 20871
Displayed: 398
Expires: Wed - 15 Sep 2021


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